GPS Scintillation Tools

GPS L1 C/A Scintillation Simulation Toolkit

This package allows the user to simulate ionospheric scintillation with a given S_4 and tau_0. The functions are written in Matlab, and produce a data output file that is then used as input for a Spirent GPS Signal Simulator. This can be useful both for comparing multiple receivers when tracking under identical scintillation conditions, and for testing receiver performance under a wide range of scintillation severity.

The Cornell Scintillation Simulation Toolkit

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Operation manual for the Linux CASCADE/SCINTMON (PDF)

Operation manual for the DOS SCINTMON (PDF)

Download Extraction and Viewing Tools

Below are the tools for extracting data (signal power and times) from FSL files and creating summary files (.sum files) under DOS. These tools *only* work with the SCINTMON Scintillation Monitor running in DOS.

fextract.exe v1.41
sum.exe v1.10
scanfile.exe v1.32

Below are tools for extracting data from VERSION 4 FSL files under Linux. These tools only work on the most recent Linux version (Cascade). To download these, right click on the file and select 'Save Link As...'. Please only use the code fslextract4 and lsum4. The other versions may not work correctly.

fslextract.tar.gz v4.0
lsum4.tar.gz v4.01

Download MATLAB scripts for creating summary plots

Below are MATLAB scripts that read in .sum (summary) files generated by sum.exe (see section above) and generate a summary plot of the satellites' signal power throughout the evening (cppow2.m), S4 index throughout the eveing, and an elevation/azimuth plot with overlayed S4 index (cpelaz2.m), also throughout the evening. Note that currently these scripts DO NOT run in Octave, which is primarily due to differences in the subplot() command.

cppow2.m v2.0
cppow2.m v1.0
cpelaz2.m v2.0

Download SCINTMON or GPSBuilder2 Program

scintmon.exe v1.33

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